No One Solves a Problem by Adding Complexity!

This is especially true in tattooing. The best way to solve a problem is to simplify that problem down to it's most basic elements. Join me as we walk through the tattoo design process from consultation to stenciled design!

Start Problem Solving!

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What You'll Learn

 Improve your tattoos by limiting the number of options you allow yourself throught the design process.

What to look for during the consultation

This is the first place you will find valuable information to help you reduce your options and simplify your design process

Accurately map the body

Accurate mapping of the area to be tattooed plays a crucial role in simplifying your design process. From the basic shape of the deisgn to the way the image is presented, there is a lot we can learn from body mapping

Establish a Heirarchy

Using the Fireside Method, you will learn to ask yourself a series of questions to ensure you are highlighting the most important areas of the tattoo, resulting in a dynamic and easily readable design

Simplify color decisions

Color options can be overwhelming. We will help you to make a couple of simple choices that will reduce your options and help you make better color decisions

Meet Your Instructor

Jake Meeks has been tattooing since 1996 and founded the Fireside Tattoo Network in 2013 with the goal of "blurring the lines" between tattooing and fine art.


In 2016 Jake introduced the "Fireside Method" which aims to help tattooers simplify and improve their work by focusing on the principles of Shape, Value, Edge and Color. 


The Fireside Method has been the base for Jake's teaching over the last 5 years as he travels with the Fireside team, podcasting and teaching seminars and workshops

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