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Shape, Value, Edge, Color

"Nobody solves a problem by adding complexity"

Your art and tattoo problems may seem complex, insurmountable, but rest assured Fireside Tattoo Network has seen it all and has broken down the solutions into baby steps. Jake and the team are experienced in helping artists overcome hurdles and expand their skillset. From getting it right sometimes, to nailing it everytime. You can feel confident you are in the right hands with Fireside.

Watch the videos, listen to the podcasts, check out the online courses, and then meet up with Jake in Memphis or on the road at various tattoo conventions and leading studios worldwide.

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Make Your Tattoo Machine Work For You

“I see too many people that draw a certain way then end up having to tattoo a different way… if your machine isn’t operating the way you naturally make marks, then correct the machine and not your marks.”
- Jake Meeks

Another thing to keep in mind is that your machine should be a natural extension of you and your natural mark making. If you are having to change the way you make a mark to suit how your machine is running, you need to correct the machine so that it is working for you. You’ll save a lot of time down the road with a properly running tattoo machine.

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Improvised Tattoo Shading-To Define Shapes And Edges

The best part of keeping the tattoo loose in these stages is that it allows you to iterate and test ideas. Working from broad, general shapes to more specific details is a great way to troubleshoot and make adjustments throughout the tattoo process.

You can see how I’m defining just a few smaller details to help guide myself later. Bumping up some edges to push contrast and help define different shapes apart from each other. Even though I’m adding these small adjustments now I’ll still come in at the very end with a liner to give it that final boost.

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Student Work

Many students have continued to take courses and consulting with Jake for years!


This course has really changed me as an artist, it's changed the way I look for references, it's changed my approach to tattoos, it's changed my mindset to tattooing. My wife still brings up the course a lot, actually, every time I do a tattoo that she likes, she praises this course.  I couldn't thank you guys enough for allowing me a chance to take it.  I appreciate what y'all do for tattooing.  


Erat netus

The reason I joined  this course is because I found myself stuck in my mind after two years of a tattoo apprenticeship. I thought I could draw but actually I do lack of a solid foundation and logical understanding about the way I drew.  After joining the course, starting from a basic concept - shapes/ values/ shadows/ edges that really helped me to rebuild the core structure of a drawing. This is important for me to realise what kind of mistakes that I used to make. Furthermore, I think this course is very well-planned, from a foundation concept to the creative thinking process which is all we need to know as an apprentice or young tattooist, the sooner the better. I know it is a long way to keep going and become a good skilful artist, however really appreciate what Jake trying to combine his knowledge from different fields and share it with the new generation artists.  Last but not least, I learnt not only the skills but also the true attitude from the fireside team. I wish every success to the Fireside Tattoo Network  in the coming future. You guys rock! Respect!  


Erat netus