Fireside Tattoo Network was founded in 2013 with the goal of “blurring the lines between tattooing and fine art.” 

Our podcast interviews, Technique episodes, Online Courses and Workshops are focused on introducing principles and techniques from the long established mediums of classical painting, illustration and design and applying them to the unique challenges that tattoo artists face. 

Over the years we have expanded our focus to include reviews and tutorials on tattoo equipment and supplies, tattoo science and physics and much more. 

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Tattoo Resources from Beginner to Advanced

No matter where you are in your tattooing career the Fireside Tattoo Network provides resources and information that have helped hundreds of tattoo artists.

Are you just starting out in your tattoo journey? Maybe you've been at it for a while and didn't have a traditional tattoo apprenticeship? Fireside has courses and programs for anyone who's hungry for information and wants to level up their tattoo design skills.

The Fireside Method:

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