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Drawing For Tattoo Design: Use this Color Trick in Your Next Tattoo Fireside Technique EP 31

Use this Color Trick in Your Next Tattoo | Fireside Technique | EP 31

“...people think that we’re pouring a lot of muted colors straight out the bottle. We’re only using high key, bright colors but using them in a way that we get an infinite number of subtle off tones in any value you can imagine.”
- Jake Meeks

In this brief episode we’ll be touching on shifting values and making subtle blends with tattoo ink. Color can be a tricky thing if you aren’t totally sure what you’re after, especially when you’re just trying to make a slight adjustment. Enjoy!

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Mixing Colors With Black

mixing colors with black makes isn't always the best

“Look what happens whenever I go to black. It turns green…”

- Jake Meeks

When you're mixing your colors with black, you start to lose value and chroma, which sometimes isn’t what you're looking for. Using yellow as an example, it will start to turn towards green when you darken it with black. This isn’t a good solution if you are just trying to go darker but maintain the yellow hue.

Neutralizing a Color with its Complementary

“To desaturate my yellow, I might mix in this purple…”

- Jake Meeks

When you start to mix a color with its complementary, it will start to desaturate. And it doesn’t take much, just a small dip will be enough to mute the color.

mixing colors colors directly in the cup

For example, mixing a light purple with your bright yellow will dull it a bit and keep its chroma without adjusting the value since the two colors were similar in value to start.

Changing Value while Maintaining Chroma

“You CAN use black and white to lighten/darken a color BUT they probably SHOULDN’T be your first option.”

- Jake Meeks

You can create so many different, subtle tones from just mixing complementary colors together. Experiment with your own tattoo color palette to see if you can get any interesting shifts from dark to light without using black or white.


neutralize colors by using their complementary


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