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3d Modeling For More Than Tattooing - Javi Antunez Fireside Tattoo Network

3d Modeling For More Than Tattooing

[8:52] “If you’re using it for just the 2D final photo…95% of what ZBrush has to offer isn’t necessary at all…you can fill in the blanks while you’re tattooing.”

— Javi Antunez

ZBrush can seem pretty intricate with all its menus and various features, which might feel a bit overwhelming. However, for tattoo design purposes, deep diving into ZBrush's 3D intricacies might not be necessary, especially when focusing on 2D tattoo artwork. The extremely technical aspects are not pivotal for the tattooing process. Instead, artists can concentrate on refining details during the actual tattooing rather than getting caught up in achieving 3D precision.

Efficiency is key when using ZBrush for tattoo design, underscoring the ability to swiftly assemble designs through the utilization of tools and techniques honed over time. Leveraging existing elements facilitates quicker design creation by amalgamating various components. For instance, generating multiple poses and lighting variations from a single 3D model opens doors to diverse designs. This versatility simplifies the design process, catering to artists looking for both efficiency and a range of design outcomes.

Moreover, delving into 3D modeling extends beyond tattooing, enabling artists to transform their 3D designs into tangible products, such as a personalized tattoo machine holder, showcasing the practical applications of digital design in the physical world. The conversation expands to explore broader horizons, including the potential for exploring NFTs. Learning these technological skills introduces an array of creative possibilities, reflecting the multifaceted advantages of 3D modeling proficiency.

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3D Modeling for Realistic Tattoos

 | Javi Antunez | EP 261 

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