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Better Living Through Client Positioning! Easy Stretch For Back Tattoos - Jake Meeks Fireside Tattoo Network

Better Living Through Client Positioning! Easy Stretch For Back Tattoos

“When you’re working in between the shoulder blades, and it gets intense or painful, the client tends to want to pinch their shoulder blades together. And, that’s just kind of instinctual, but it makes it very difficult to stretch the skin.”

- Jake Meeks

When tattooing the upper back, especially between the shoulder blades, tattooers frequently encounter a challenge—the client instinctively pinching their shoulder blades together. 

don't lay the client on the massage table, it can cause pinching

This involuntary reaction, driven by discomfort or intensity, complicates the tattooing process, hindering the artist's ability to stretch the skin adequately and achieve consistent color without causing undue stress to the skin.

pinching example for back piece

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