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Cultivating Clients for Your Tattoo Ideas — Teresa Sharpe Fireside Tattoo Network

Cultivating Clients for Your Tattoo Ideas

[02:15]“A lot of tattooers are afraid that if they put themselves out there that people are either not going to want it or not care about it. There’s that ego that’s attached to your artwork. And, the fear of rejection is strong… because we rely so heavily on clients.”

— Teresa Sharpe

For any artist, having creative autonomy and control over their projects is essential. In the realm of tattooing, it takes a great deal of time to build skill as well as garner trustworthiness from clients. As such, you may find yourself working on "off-the-wall" designs or those Pinterest tattoos everyone's wild about this period. This can can really be great, honing your technical skills with line work and shading techniques. 

Reaching a point of success can make it difficult to open up and expose your creative ideas. You often doubt if you have the skill or whether anyone would care about what you create. It's tough to step away from what works and provides stable income, yet being vulnerable with your art as well as customers regarding your true ambitions is the only way towards liberation.

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Finding the Right Clients | Teresa Sharpe | EP 247

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