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Feeling Color Saturation - Jake Meeks Fireside Tattoo Network

Feeling Color Saturation

Feeling color saturation

I'm really slowing down, and I'm paying attention to the vibration in my off-hand…”
- Jake Meeks

The more you practice, the better you'll get at judging color saturation by feel. When I say "by feel," I mean that when you're stretching the skin during a tattoo, pay attention to how it vibrates under your needles. Comparing that sensation to the visual results will help train your brain so you can instinctively tell when you're packing in enough color.

The Final Tightening of the Session

final tightening pass of the session

“Don't be afraid to pull your line out at the end of your sessions and build your textures…”
- Jake Meeks

Don't be afraid to return to your liner at the end of a session. This will allow you to finish off your work with the attention to detail your client will appreciate and leave the tattoo looking clean, and your colors feeling confidant. Check for any gaps in consistency where your color is approaching a line and look for any imperfections. When you look back and notice how those little modifications make the piece really pop, you'll be amazed!


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