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Fuel, Fire, & That Which I Desire! Tattoo Machine Spring Fix — Carson Hill Fireside Tattoo Network

Fuel, Fire, & That Which I Desire! Tattoo Machine Spring Fix

[33:16] “The cap acts as a spring retainer but it also isolates the mechanism side from the cartridge side. So rather than having an ‘Open Transmission’, the hole is about the size of a plunger so it separates the two sides a lot better.”

— Carson Hill

Previously, springs were nestled in the grip using a small groove, which posed challenges when taking the machine apart. The innovation addresses concerns of an "open transmission" design, with a large hole leading straight in. The latest design improvement involves securing the spring in a steel cap twisted onto the inner housing. It acts as both a spring retainer and a barrier, preventing oil from the mechanism side from mixing with the ink and other fluids from the cartridge side, resulting in a more efficient, separated mechanism.

And with multiple spring options, knowing when to opt for a stiffer spring involves paying attention to machine behavior. If you notice chatter, looseness, or unusual noise in the cartridge, it might be time to consider switching to the heavier spring. However, it's crucial to note that the majority of tattoo artists may find the standard spring more suitable. Using the appropriate spring not only improves performance but also prolongs the motor's lifespan by reducing friction.

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The Path Of A Tattoo Machine builder | Neuma 5 with Carson Hill | EP 274

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