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Join us for two amazing events exclusively for members of the Inside Fireside Tattoo Club!


Russ Abbott Technique Talk:
Wed, Feb 7th @ 8PM CST
Join us for this exciting Technique Talks with a special friend of the Fireside Tattoo Network, Russ Abbott! A distinguished figure in the tattoo industry since 1998. Inside Fireside Tattoo Club Members will have the unique opportunity to delve into digital drawing techniques using Procreate, guided by Russ himself.
Explore how digital tools can streamline and elevate tattoo design during this insightful session with the mastermind behind Ink & Dagger Tattoo and Tattoo Smart. Don’t miss out on this chance to enhance your skills and engage in a captivating discussion on innovative tattoo techniques.

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Mindset Mondays:
Mon, Feb 5th & 19th @ 8PM CST
Discover the building blocks of a successful tattooing enterprise. Gain invaluable insights into marketing your unique artistic identity, navigating the complexities of knowing your artistic worth, establishing meaningful client relationships, and fostering a growth-oriented mindset. Join us in shaping Mondays into a celebration of growth, learning, and advancement in the world of tattooing.
What to bring:
Thoughtful questions and experiences
Something to take notes with
A good attitude and an open mind

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No matter where you are in your tattooing career the Fireside Tattoo Network provides resources and information that have helped hundreds of tattoo artists.

Are you just starting out in your tattoo journey? Maybe you've been at it for a while and didn't have a traditional tattoo apprenticeship? Fireside has courses and programs for anyone who's hungry for information and wants to level up their tattoo design skills.

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