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MMM! That's a JUICY TATT; Keeping Loose, Letting Things Happen — Corey Bernhardt Fireside Tattoo Network

MMM! That's a JUICY TATT; Keeping Loose, Letting Things Happen

[18:07] “Some of the fluid effects that I’m adding to my paintings are just on the fly, I’m not really sure where it’s going. There’s always some point in a painting where you want to start getting loose letting things kind of happen on their own, that will maybe add to the overall composition at the end.”

— Corey Bernhardt

It’s often beneficial to make a conscious effort of embracing "happy mistakes" and allow spontaneity to play a role in designing tattoos and paintings. Though it can be a challenge to render some painting or drawing techniques in tattooing, it can still be helpful and important to keep it loose and let things unfold naturally during the creative process.

On the other hand, a simpler design is important for the durability and longevity of a tattoo. As artists, we tend to noodle or over render some areas. Though these details look great when the tattoo is fresh, as it ages in the skin it can often muddy up the design. In the same vein, leaving room for the skin tone of the client to show through the design can aid in the simplification of a design. Think of the skin tone as the lightest value in the composition, utilizing skin as a value can reduce overworking the skin and potential trauma, as well as reducing overall work time. By embracing simplicity, you can allow the skin to play its part in the final composition.

Also, consider mastering the art of self-critique by attempting to look at your work objectively. Often we can easily identify flaws in another artist’s work, but find it challenging or a struggle to apply the same insights to our own. It’s a common dilemma of wanting to follow comfortable habits while trying to be open to the creative process and embracing a sense of play in your work. 

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Breaking Rules The Educated Way | Corey Bernhardt | EP 168

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