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The Difference Between Knowledge and Understanding - Kurt Jacobsen Fireside Tattoo Network

The Difference Between Knowledge and Understanding

[09:32] “The Goal isn’t to keep somebody forever, the goal is to give them the tools to have their own career”

— Kurt Jacobsen

Consider an apprenticeship like a tattoo business training program. Just as a mechanic needs a general understanding of internal combustion engines, an apprentice benefits from a broad education, akin to community college.

An apprenticeship shouldn’t just be about tattooing; it's about understanding methodologies and practical applications. A mentor’s aim should be to instill deeper understanding of tattooing past the physical act, focusing on critical aspects like consultation, client management, and time management and marketing skills. The goal is to equip apprentices with a foundational understanding for running a successful tattoo business.


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Business and Mindset: The Mentors Role for Apprentice Success Kurt Jacobsen EP 277

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