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Tips for Client Positioning in Back Tattoo Sessions Fireside Tattoo Network

Tips for Client Positioning in Back Tattoo Sessions

To address this issue, there's a clever positioning trick that tattoo artists can employ. Instead of the conventional position of laying them on the massage table, have the client sit backward in a chair or on a static padded stool and use an arm prop for them to rest their forehead on. But, the key element lies in instructing the client to drop their arms directly to their sides. 

client draping shoulders

This positioning not only prevents the instinctual shoulder blade pinching but also encourages the client to spread their back, facilitating a more controlled and comfortable experience.

easier stretching example

By implementing this positioning trick, artists create an environment that minimizes client discomfort and enhances the artist's control during the tattooing process. With the arms dropped to the sides, clients find it easier to manage their shoulders, eliminating the tendency to pinch the shoulder blades together. This not only improves the overall client experience but also allows the artist to execute the tattoo with greater precision and efficiency. 

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