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Business and Mindset: Free Ticket to Paradise Amy Nicholls Derek Youngberg Paradise Tattoo Gathering

Free Ticket to Paradise | Amy Nicholls & Derek Youngberg | Paradise Tattoo Gathering


The Paradise Tattoo Gathering stands out from typical tattoo conventions by offering a unique experience in a serene town in Western Massachusetts. It attracts globally renowned tattoo artists and those seeking artistic enlightenment, providing an ideal setting for deep focus and creativity. What truly distinguishes the event is its community of generous and open-hearted tattoo professionals who come to engage in mutual learning and growth. These artists are driven by the desire to exchange ideas and form lasting connections, rather than just financial gain.

The conversation with Amy, Derek, and Jake explores the unique aspects of the Paradise Tattoo Gathering, including its impact on artists' careers, networking opportunities, and the introduction of a scholarship program. It highlights the evolution of tattoo education, the importance of mentorship, and the event's emphasis on inclusion and diversity. The discussion also emphasizes the significance of community, giving back, and the future of the tattoo industry.


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Interview by By Jake Meeks —

Writing By Daniel Pushcarich —

Topics: Paradise Tattoo Gathering, tattoo education, scholarship program, networking, inclusion, diversity, tattoo career builders, mentorship, artist development, Paradise Tattoo Gathering, tattoo artists, education, mentorship, scholarship fund, community, giving back, future of tattoo industry


“This scholarship opportunity is for somebody who can't afford to get there. It's not just about the education, it's about that networking platform that they're going to find when they get there.”

— Derek Youngberg

Amy Nicholls (@anichollstattoos) is a tattoo artist native to Baltimore, Maryland. She loves to travel and welcomes the chance to visit other studios. She took many outside classes for art as a child, and when her parents felt it was time to elevate her professional skills, they enrolled Amy in an out of county magnet high school: Carver Center for Arts and Technology.

Her tattoo work explores mostly organic themes, i.e. Nature, Animals, Faces; “I like to be able to let the design evolve from what I'm given by my clients and what I know as an artist.” 

She also hosts a podcast called The Apprenticeship Diaries, This podcast is about learning journeys. Amy and her partner Rico interview people who have braved the unknown; People who can offer, through their story/stories, communion and coping, for those who dare to pursue passion.

Amy is based in Baltimore, Maryland and owns/tattoos at Beyond The Pale Art Studio.


Derek Youngberg (@tattoocareerbuilders) Has had a career spanning over 30 years and worn many hats. He has been a tattoo artist, manager, shop owner, piercer, contractor, distributor, manufacturer, you name it he’s done it! And has also built and incredible tattoo supply company, Coalition Tattoo Supply

Now Derek’s journey has brought him into the world of career coaching for tattoo artists. With that 30 years of experience he has launched Tattoo Career Builders. They are a coaching group serving the tattoo community and tattoo artists' to reach their plans, goals, and maximum potential. 

Derek is based in Seattle, WA, and owns Coalition Tattoo Supply & Tattoo Career Builders.

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  • [00:00] The Unique Impact of the Paradise Tattoo Gathering
  • [08:31] Evolution of Tattoo Education and Scholarship Program
  • [23:33] Inclusion and Diversity in the Tattooing Community
  • [28:54] The Impact of Paradise Tattoo Gathering
  • [36:13] Launching a Scholarship Fund for Aspiring Tattoo Artists
  • [49:20] The Future of the Tattoo Industry

The Apprenticeship diaries


Inclusion and Diversity in the Tattooing Community

[24:04] “Everybody's coming from different backgrounds and experience levels. It doesn't matter if somebody was like an apprentice there to learn or somebody had been in the aim for 20 plus years. Everybody was on the same level.”

— Derek Youngberg

The Impact of Paradise Tattoo Gathering

[28:42] “For anybody out there who maybe could afford it, but is hungry for that next step within your tattoo life and is really feeling like you don't know what's next within your tattoo career, you feel like it has plateaued and there's it's just a job for you. At this point. I feel like paradise can give you. New wings for this can connect you with people that can reinvigorate your business model and talent. It just scales everything because the dynamics talked about within this space are multifunctional.”

— Amy Nicholls


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