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Business and Mindset: Money How Does That Work A Practical Finance Panel Mindset Monday Fireside Chats EP 280

"Money! How Does That Work?!" A Practical Finance Panel | Mindset Monday | Fireside Chats! EP 280




We’ve got something exciting for you today! The Inside Fireside Tattoo Club hosted a panel discussion focusing on finance and money management tailored for tattoo artists. Originating from our popular Mindset Monday conversations, this particular session delves into topics such as passive income opportunities, strategies to supplement tattooing income, savings tactics, and beyond. 

We really tried to gear the conversation towards people who are just starting to think about their long term finances and aren’t sure where to start. So this is more of a conversation to get you on the right track and looking into resources that will help you get started making better financial decisions.

Disclaimer: The information provided during this talk is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute professional financial advice. We are not licensed financial advisors, and any financial discussions should not be construed as personalized financial advice or recommendations.

We encourage you to consult with a qualified financial advisor or professional before making any financial decisions. We disclaim any liability for any loss or damage, including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, arising from reliance on the information provided during financial conversations.

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Interview by By Jake Meeks —

Writing By Daniel Pushcarich —

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“This is the ultimate, you know, look at me like I'm a scumbag or look at me like I'm just a dumb tattoo artist and I'm not smart enough to know numbers. Dude, embrace this stuff. And just stick it to em’ by having personal and financial freedom. Cause my dad… he taught me so many things. He taught me that if you're not in debt, it's the freest you could be.”

— Matt Hodel

Christy Opal (@burnt_out_ex_tattooer) Christy Opal, a seasoned tattoo artist who tattooed for 17 years before retiring in 2015, manages tattoo aspects in multiple studios and owns Laughing Buddha Tattoo in Seattle, Washington.

As a tattoo director, she liaises between tattoo artists and the studio, handling the tattoo side of the business.

Christy is based in Seattle, WA and owns Laughing Buddha Tattoo.


Derek Youngberg (@tattoocareerbuilders) Has had a career spanning over 30 years and worn many hats. He has been a tattoo artist, manager, shop owner, piercer, contractor, distributor, manufacturer, you name it he’s done it! And has also built and incredible tattoo supply company, Coalition Tattoo Supply

Now Derek’s journey has brought him into the world of career coaching for tattoo artists. With that 30 years of experience he has launched Tattoo Career Builders. They are a coaching group serving the tattoo community and tattoo artists' to reach their plans, goals, and maximum potential. 

Derek is based in Seattle, WA, and owns Coalition Tattoo Supply & Tattoo Career Builders.


Matt Hodel (@matt_hodel_tattoo) Having entered the tattoo industry in the mid-90s, Matt's journey reflects a time when artists relied on clients' vague descriptions to create imagery. Drawing from this era, Matt has refined his ability to translate clients' stories into visual narratives, fostering a loyal following in the process. His expertise lies in working collaboratively with clients to extract and depict their personal narratives through tattoos.

Along with running a successful tattoo studio, Matt also runs the Jackpot Tattoo Community. A business and mindset coaching service that helps tattooers get out of their heads and build better careers for themselves.

Matt is based in Saint Louis, MO and owns and tattoos at Ragtime Tattoo and operates the Jackpot Tattoo Community

Please enjoy!


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  • [00:24] Panelists Introduction
  • [08:07] Investing in Properties and Overcoming Setbacks
  • [11:45] Learning from Challenges: Implementing Systems
  • [16:14] Challenges of Balancing Income and Expenses Over Time
  • [22:54] Challenges of Managing Money in Relation to Self-Esteem
  • [27:59] Embracing Responsibility in Money Management 
  • [33:40] Understanding the Concept of Money as Time
  • [43:04] Managing Separate Business and Personal Accounts
  • [45:43] Importance of Regular Financial Review and Budgeting Tools
  • [50:02] Setting Financial Goals and Creating Savings Buckets
  • [55:16] Lessons in Financial Discipline and Delayed Gratification
  • [1:04:38] Real Estate Investment Insights
  • [1:14:35] Mindset on Tax Payments
  • [1:18:14] Understanding Passive Income Methods
  • [1:27:40] IRA and Retirement Planning
  • [1:33:02] Time Management and Productivity in Business
  • [1:38:12] Dan Sullivan’s Focus, Buffer, and Free Days Concept
  • [1:43:08] Implement Learning Immediately

Compiled Notes and Ideas From The Discussion


Since there was so much covered in this discussion I thought I would do everyone a favor and just publish my personal notes from the episode. This is usually how I write and form ideas for the write-ups, but considering the entirety of this episode is so important to so many struggling tattoo artists it would be better to just give you the summary of the whole thing.

I’ve gone a little further and split it into 3 categories. The first is important definitions that everyone needs in order to increase your financial literacy. The second section is shortened notes from the “Mindset” section of the conversation. And the third section is the “Practical” or “Actionable” ideas, or things you can put into motion for yourself.

I will note that none of these ideas are a one-stop solution, or some “get-rich-quick” set of ideas. You do have to put in a lot of work and research yourself to get out of whatever situation you’re in. Hopefully these are thought provoking enough to motivate you into action and bring you to a better financial future, and just remember that;




  • Capitalism: An economic system characterized by private ownership of the means of production and the pursuit of profit through the investment of capital.
    • A means of increased cooperation between strangers
  • Investments: Financial assets acquired with the goal of generating income or appreciation over time, often used to build wealth or achieve specific financial goals.
    • A way to buy more time, and make more time while you’re saving
  • CD (Certificate of Deposit): A low-risk investment vehicle offered by banks and credit unions, typically offering a fixed interest rate for a specified term.
  • T-Bills (Treasury Bills): Short-term debt securities issued by the U.S. government with maturities of one year or less, considered very safe investments.
  • Traditional IRA: An individual retirement account that allows individuals to contribute pre-tax income, with taxes deferred until withdrawal during retirement.
  • Roth IRA: An individual retirement account that allows individuals to contribute after-tax income, with qualified withdrawals, including earnings, tax-free during retirement.


Notes From Speakers (Christy, Matt, Derek):

  • Things have to work while you’re not watching.
    • Create systems to achieve your goals
      • Hire someone to do things you aren’t good at or that you hate
      • Automatic withdrawals to your HYS accounts so that you don’t even have to think about what needs to go where or how much of it.
  • Tattooer’s self-esteem
    • Tattooers don’t feel like their going to live very long
      • Why do you need to save if you’re going to die in 10 years?
    • Fuck capitalism?!
      • Yes, sure, but we live in it…
      • It’s okay to have money and assets
      • If you have a lot of money it doesn’t mean you are just like the people you hate
    • Pirate lifestyle and “fuck capitalism” isn’t serving you
      • People saying “Fuck Capitalism” are also having the most problems

Business and Mindset

Running a tattoo business requires a completely different skill set than putting tattoos into skin. As tattooers, we tend to put all of our emphasis on the technical aspects of tattooing. Unfortunately for shop owners and tattoo entrepreneurs, tattooing is only one small piece of the puzzle when it comes to the business of tattooing. 

Fireside is here to help:

  • Tricks for ordering supplies for your crew
  • Creating goals for your shop
  • Upholding tattoo shop values 

We also have plenty of Business and Mindset Deep Dive content to help you avoid the most common pitfalls of shop owners.

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