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Let's Talk About The REAL Problem, Non-Standardized Manufacturing! - Cooper Fireside Tattoo Network

Let's Talk About The REAL Problem, Non-Standardized Manufacturing!

[35:51] “If we’re talking about that, high-end 8, 9, 10 on the technical lining scale, I don’t think it’ll happen unless somebody can find a way to make the little plunger fully attach where it doesn’t allow that side to side movement”

— Cooper

As the popularity of cartridges has grown over time, the need for needle-making skills has become rarer or even obsolete. The outsourcing of products like needles has also shifted much of the power into the hands of manufacturers who primarily cater to market demands and needs, without giving much thought to innovation. Some individuals still prefer using coils with tubes and handcrafting their own tattoo needles for the day, but this skill is gradually fading away. It used to be that proficient needle makers could achieve a level of consistency that manufacturers today seem to struggle with.

So what is the problem with cartridges? Cooper's suggestion of improving the connection seems like a plausible solution, doesn't it? Here are a couple of ideas to consider: What if a soft rubber grommet was placed around the plunger? It could provide some resistance while offering stability and reducing vibrations. Alternatively, the plunger shaft could be hollowed out, allowing the stainless steel stick to insert into the plunger. This could enhance stability but might increase friction. However, it's important to note that not all tattoo machines use the same mechanisms, making it challenging to standardize cartridges in this manner.

Are there any other ideas floating around? Do you have a potential solution in mind? Perhaps it's time for manufacturers and tattoo artists to engage in a serious discussion about the industry's needs. They could also leverage the expertise of excellent organizations such as the APT (Association of Professional Tattooists) or TAG (Tattoo Artist Guild) to collaborate with manufacturers and address these concerns effectively.

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Tattoo Gear: The Cartridge Dilemma Cooper EP 267

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