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The Ergonomic Tail Has Been Wagging The Tattoo Machine Dog For Too Long - Cooper Fireside Tattoo Network

The Ergonomic Tail Has Been Wagging The Tattoo Machine Dog For Too Long

[55:57] “I feel like so much of this evolution has been necessary, but oftentimes it’s done by people who don’t have fancy, million dollar machine shops. It’s people who are just doing the best with what they have, so there’s a lot of awkward steps.”

— Cooper

The current market trend seems to lean towards sleeker, lighter, and faster equipment. However, one must question whether that is truly what the art of tattooing needs. Throughout the article, a recurring theme emerges: limited communication between manufacturers and tattoo practitioners over the past 15-20 years. Instead of focusing on genuine innovation and addressing crucial aspects, manufacturers often prioritize producing what sells.

The article has already touched upon the fact that artists often become accustomed to what they're working with for various reasons. However, it's important to acknowledge that there may be unknown factors hindering artists from achieving more consistent results, such as the shape of their machine or the distribution of weight.

This issue appears to be subjective, considering different hand sizes and preferences among artists, among other things. Nonetheless, the concept of stabilization holds merit. What truly contributes to consistency in tattooing? Is it the skill level and technique of the artist, a well-optimized setup, a reliable machine, or the weight of the equipment? It could be a combination of these factors, but what is the definitive determining factor?

It is crucial for manufacturers and tattoo practitioners to engage in meaningful communication and collaboration. By fostering a stronger dialogue, they can explore innovative solutions that truly matter to the art and craft of tattooing. This proactive approach will lead to advancements that benefit both artists and the industry as a whole.

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