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You Really DON’T Know About Your Tattoo Gear Unless You're Testing - Cooper Fireside Tattoo Network

You Really DON’T Know About Your Tattoo Gear Unless You're Testing

[44:24] “Clearly there’s a line in anything where you’re just making trouble for yourself, it’s not worth agonizing over this or that. But, really until you test you don’t know whether you’ve found something really useful that you should pay attention to.”

— Cooper

Testing is really important to figure out what works for your setup, but it takes time and money. Instead, many people just go with what others recommend or what's popular, without really understanding why it works. They don't stop to think about personal preferences or the fact that they might just be used to a certain choice. Unfortunately, this means they miss out on the chance to discover what truly works best for them.

Your own experience and situation are super important in figuring out what's effective. Just following recommendations or going with what's popular might not give you the results you want. Testing, like trying out different products or comparing them side by side, gives you real-life knowledge and helps you make choices based on what suits you best. By putting in the time and effort to test things out, you can make informed decisions and set up something that really works for you.


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