Better Living Through Client Positioning! Easy Stretch For Back Tattoos - Jake Meeks

Submitted 02.28.24
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You Don’t Have To Be A Mechanic To Run A Rotary Machine - Carson Hill

Submitted 02.26.24
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The Efficiency of Coil Machines — Carson Hill

Submitted 02.24.24
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Coil and Rotary Machines! What are they Really? — Carson Hill

Submitted 02.21.24
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Improve Quality & Extend Life of Old Tattoos by Pushing Contrast - Jake Meeks

Submitted 02.19.24
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Strengthen Contrast In The Tattoo By Adding Blacks - Jake Meeks

Submitted 02.16.24
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Playing With Tattoo Elements By Manipulating Lights and Darks - Jake Meeks

Submitted 02.14.24
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Fireside Yacht Club Dates Announced!!!

Submitted 02.12.24
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The Difference Between Knowledge and Understanding - Kurt Jacobsen

Submitted 02.07.24
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Inside Fireside Events

Submitted 02.05.24
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Utilize Dotwork and Stippling For Less Skin Trauma In The Tattoo

Submitted 01.17.24
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Fixing the Holes in your Bucket, and Taking Money Management Out of Your hands - Ryan Roi

Submitted 12.27.23
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Being Present As A Mentor — Tim O’Connor

Submitted 12.15.23
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Not All Tattoo Apprenticeships Are Created Equal — Tim O’Connor

Submitted 12.13.23
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MMM! That's a JUICY TATT; Keeping Loose, Letting Things Happen — Corey Bernhardt

Submitted 12.05.23
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Knowing What IS, And Then Starting From There — Corey Bernhardt

Submitted 12.04.23
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Giv'em The Ol' 50/50 Rule — Corey Bernhardt

Submitted 11.30.23
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Tom Strom Technique Talk

Submitted 11.25.23
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Exploring the Boundaries of Your Tattoo Design Subjects — Teresa Sharpe

Submitted 11.22.23
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How to Weed out Clients for Big Tattoo Projects — Teresa Sharpe

Submitted 11.18.23
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