I’ve Literally Never done a half sleeve — Javi Antunez

Submitted 11.10.23
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3d Modeling For More Than Tattooing - Javi Antunez

Submitted 11.08.23
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Feeling Color Saturation - Jake Meeks

Submitted 11.06.23
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Layering Colors - Jake Meeks

Submitted 11.03.23
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Color Transitions - Jake Meeks

Submitted 11.01.23
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Fuel, Fire, & That Which I Desire! Tattoo Machine Spring Fix — Carson Hill

Submitted 10.30.23
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Shifting Gears; Neuma 5 Cam Design Upgrades — Carson Hill

Submitted 10.28.23
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HIGH VOLTAGE TATTOOS!! or Maybe NOT!? Battery vs Power Supply - Carson Hill

Submitted 10.25.23
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On Solving a Problem; Finding the Perfect Black Ink - King Ruck

Submitted 10.13.23
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Efficiency and Marathon Tattooing — King Ruck

Submitted 10.09.23
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Paying Attention to Different Values of the Tattoo Clients Body

Submitted 10.06.23
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Simplifying Shapes in Tattoo Designs to Read Clearer on Darker Skin

Submitted 10.04.23
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Breaking Through The Shapes of the Old Tattoo

Submitted 09.23.23
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Plan As If the Client is Getting their Whole Body Tattooed

Submitted 09.21.23
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Separated Styles, Traditional Tattooing vs Hyper-Realism Painting - Tom Strom andf Jackee Sandelands

Submitted 09.17.23
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Creative Living Around the Globe! Exploring New Territory To Explore Yourself - Tom Storm and Jackee Sandelands

Submitted 09.13.23
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Honestly, It Doesn't Matter What Color It Is - Chris Dingwell

Submitted 09.05.23
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Painting Techniques Applied to Tattooing - Chris Dingwell

Submitted 09.02.23
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Traditional Tattooing Was More Of A Business Decision Than An Artstyle - Chris Dingwell

Submitted 08.30.23
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Covering up Bad Tattoos An Attempt at Solving the Problem - Jake Meeks

Submitted 08.28.23
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